A review of Borderlands 3 shooter game

Daniel Soresco
4 min readDec 20, 2019


I have very mixed feelings. I like it and it’s enjoyable but it could have been so much more and the writing feels just like time being amazed and traveling back to your school days and somewhat disappointed at how everybody is. Borderlands 3 is an enjoyable, looting experience. You shouldn’t expect a polished or brand new experience. Borderlands 3 feels with missions used mostly to reintroduce fan-favorite characters from previous videogames. More challenges and craziness. We’re really enjoying this Borderlands as much. We looked forward to this one for some time now and it has not disappointed us. You’ll love this one, if you’re a Borderlands fan. Some ps4 shooting games are better than others, this is one of the best.

Borderlands 3 story and characters

I really went hard on the story, mostly because I hate it, but I liked playing Borderlands 3, regardless of my intense dislike for most of the main characters. With Borderlands 3, even if the story falls slightly short of expectations or possibilities, Gearbox delivers exactly the experience that many players hoped for and wanted. The story itself picks up after both Tales from the Borderlands and Borderlands 2 left off, reprising several fans-favourite characters, including Ellie, Rhys, Claptrap, and one-time playable character, Lillith. There are not too many ps4 games with such a large array of characters you can play.

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They even have non-binary characters, something rarely addressed in video games let alone the often weak story lines in the looter shooter genre. And fun. “After a short pause and in a more subdued tone, Moze continues, “And justice and stuff.” More than anything else I could come up with on my own, that line from Moze (my badass mech driving, grenade throwing favorite character) describes why I have enjoyed playing Borderlands 3. I acknowledge that there is more to Borderlands 3 than just looting and shooting even if it’s not the primary reason we are here. Previous characters and Vault Hunters from other games are fun to engage with, and I was interested in seeing what would happen to them.

Borderlands 3 gunplay and co-op

One of the best ps4 games to buy digitally this year is Borderlands 3. Gunplay feels awesome, loot is worthwhile and co-op is as fun as ever, making the videogame a. Independent of the jokes, the real plot is decent, even if it does feel very reliant on earning just about every character from past Borderlands video games to get a best hits” style setup. The main story mode with one personality will take in excess of 30 hours, but with side quests and (for me anyhow ) deciding which firearms to keep in your backpack, this raises the play time radically. It’s best described as playing a videogame as it has many easter eggs and characters, taste texts produced by deadpool. It is def a videogame worth buying! If you prefer humor, guns, explosions, guns, and explosions, this videogame is for you. If you enjoy chess simulators, this videogame isn’t for you.

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Borderlands 3 conclusion

If you like the borderlands, you will like this videogame. More guns more narrative borderlands with images and a sound. Borderlands 3 does not make the franchise to be modernized by jumps, but the multitude of improvements go a long way towards creating Borderlands 3. I hope my reviews help you buy cheap ps4 games that are action worthy like this one. A new episode with a great deal of things to do, for Borderlands, but ten years after the first. I like to turn my head off and be overwhelmed by the overblownness of the video game. Borderlands 3 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and it isn’t competing with these videogames. Its own race’s running. The way they’ve built the co-op in this video game is rather ingenious. Let us go, Vault Hunters!