Anno 1800 Console Edition is a captivating immersion into Industrial Revolution

Daniel Soresco
3 min readMar 22


Anno 1800 Console Edition provides a captivating storytelling campaign, customizable sandbox mode, and multiplayer. Enjoy stunning graphics through single or multiplayer games while taking part in global expeditions to gain fame and wealth; plus there’s now an engaging workforce management feature for factories. While Anno 1800’s single-player campaign was an unexpected but intriguing aspect of its gameplay, its Sandbox and custom options remained its main focus.

Anno 1800 is a real-time strategy video game where you build your city, than (if you’re good) your empire. Players can enjoy story-based campaigns, customizable sandbox mode, and a thrilling multiplayer experience. In my opinion, Anno 1800 Console Edition offer a great deal of everything, and if you want to buy cheap PS5 games of real-time strategy/governing/city-building, this is the perfect game. While Anno 1800 may appear complex or intimidating at first glance, its challenge will make you appreciate its true worth; failure only serves to sharpen your skills against AI characters or build an empire from scratch!

Anno 1800 — a game of strategy

Anno 1800 Console Edition stands out with its stunning visuals, which deserve praise. The attention to detail is remarkable, whether you’re viewing your empire from above or taking a closer look at events taking place on the streets. Each building in the game has been meticulously crafted, and you can spot citizens going about their daily business when you zoom in. The pub, especially, stands out as you watch delighted customers dancing and drinking — an absolutely delightful sight!

Anno 1800 — city-building strategy video game

Anno 1800 is an addictive and time-consuming game due to its challenging yet approachable nature. Players must strategically place buildings and connect resource nodes in order to sustain their city, with each setback seen as a valuable learning opportunity. Although daunting at first sight, Anno 1800 Console Edition rewards those who take time to master its intricate mechanics — this type of game shouldn’t be rushed; patience and attention to detail are required for success.


Anno 1800 Console Edition is an engaging city-building game that requires time to fully appreciate its intricate mechanics. Though there are occasional frame drops when zooming in on busy areas, these don’t detract from the experience. On a large screen, the visuals are stunning and the size and scope of a developed colony with personal touches like handcrafted design are truly impressive. Furthermore, its accompanying music will surely inspire those with imperial aspirations!