Atlas Fallen — Enjoyable Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Daniel Soresco
4 min readAug 21, 2023

The creators at Deck13 have etched their reputation with demanding titles like 2014’s Lords of the Fallen and the enduring The Surge series. Yet, now they harness their accumulated insights to birth an exquisite action-oriented creation, one that finally unfurls its wings as a masterpiece uniquely attuned to the capabilities of current-generation hardware, leaving the prior era trailing in its wake. Atlas Fallen draws inspiration from other franchises but it ends up with a defined identity. Fans of action role-playing games are in for a captivating journey with the latest offering from Deck13 Interactive.

Captivating exploration in Atlas Fallen.

You might naturally assume that a game birthed by Deck 13 would follow the “Soulslike” path, given their track record with titles like Lords of the Fallen and The Surge. However, Atlas Fallen defies expectations. It emerges as an open-world action gem, akin to the likes of Shadow of Mordor or the earlier chapters of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I can sense the creators’ pride woven into every facet, radiating through the meticulously designed landscapes.

Sand surfing in Atlas Fallen.

The very essence of Atlas Fallen defies pigeonholing. As someone who’s engaged with both Lords of the Fallen and The Surge, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the fresh direction this title undertakes. I also like that you can find Atlas Fallen among the cheap PS5 games. Pay attention that it does not work on the previous generation of game consoles, so PS4 and Xbox One owners are not lucky here. Atlas Fallen is akin to stepping into a different genre altogether, reminiscent of the immersive realms depicted in titles such as Shadow of Mordor and the earlier chapters of the Assassin’s Creed saga.

A tense negotiation encounter in Atlas Fallen.

The world that unfolds is a revelation. Spanning across three meticulously crafted maps, the game’s universe avoids the common pitfall of overwhelming scale. Instead, it cultivates an environment that strikes a delicate balance — expansive enough to explore, yet replete with engaging content that eradicates any traces of emptiness. Through their skillful hands, a realm emerges — one that exudes the melancholic aura of a world in decline. No matter why you buy Atlas Fallen PS5, you won’t be disappointed as it is the whole package and it strikes a great balance between story, role-playing, and combat.

Choices in Atlas Fallen determine alliances or betrayals.

The magic glove gifts me with an astonishing nimbleness. It unlocks movements that surprise me with their fluidity. It capitalizes on the familiar toolkit of the double jump and successive airborne dashes, yet its pièce de résistance is the art of desert dune surfing. With a mere tap of the sprint button, we gracefully glide through the sandy waves that enshroud a significant expanse of the terrain. This action carries an empowering essence, and the swift traversal is among the best.

Combat is a hallmark of Atlas Fallen gameplay.

I so much enjoy buying PS5 adventure games that offer role-playing capabilities (Dark Souls series, The Witcher 3, or Borderlands are some of the series I enjoyed most). I have to say that I expected something else, and I was not that enticed to get Atlas Fallen by the existing reviews. But features like “sand surfing” sounded exciting and I decided to try it. Oh, boy! I do not regret it. This sandy action RPG delivers on so many levels. While the story is so and so, various game mechanics, including the traversal system and combat, are impressive. In addition, we cannot leave out the beautiful graphics at 60fps and the Photo Mode.