Atomic Heart Review: A Mind-Bending Trip Through a Dystopian Wonderland

Daniel Soresco
4 min readApr 20


Atomic Heart is an impressive game with modern design choices that draws inspiration from Bioshock. The game’s intricately crafted underground environments and semi-open world are mesmerizing to look at, with the breathtaking interconnectivity of levels. The Mundfish’s attention to little details is absolutely insane, and the gripping, dark story with a good narrative to back it up makes the game even more enjoyable.

Atomic Heart

While the game isn’t without its flaws, they are minor and hardly detract from the overall experience. It’s unfair to punish the developers for their political views, which have nothing to do with the game itself. We all have our beliefs, and they shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying a masterpiece like Atomic Heart. This game is one of the best PS5 shooter games, a neon-soaked bullet symphony that fires on all cylinders, leaving other shooter games in the dust.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

At first glance, the game might seem slow-paced, but as the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race.” Just like the classic game, Metal Gear Solid, Atomic Heart requires patience and perseverance. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. The graphics are nothing short of a work of art, though some minor glitches can be improved. Nonetheless, the game’s beauty is undeniable.

Excellent Graphics and Combat

The game has beautiful graphics, good combat mechanics that make robots take visible damage after every hit or shot, and intense and creative boss designs and battles. The funny glove conversations and the naughty upgrade fridge Nora add to the game’s pure joy.

Excellent Sounds and Soundtrack

What sets Atomic Heart apart from other games is its soundtrack. The music is what elevates the game from being great to extraordinary. The studio has enlisted the help of some of the most talented producers, like Mick Gordon, to create an otherworldly soundscape. The music blends seamlessly into the game, creating a symphony of sounds that will leave you in awe.


Atomic Heart is like a diamond in the rough, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. If you want to buy cheap PS5 shooter games, this Indie title has all the qualities of an AAA, less the price tag. As a passionate gamer, I can confidently say that I’ve spent countless hours exploring this magnificent creation since its release on day one of the game pass. It’s a game that has it all — an enthralling storyline, breathtaking visuals, exhilarating combat, and a soundtrack that will leave you spellbound.


  • The game’s atmosphere captures the Eastern/Communist Ideal of the era.
  • The unique adaptation of skill set to combat situations.
  • The game’s variation in gameplay, includes physics puzzles, unique locks, and a snake game.
  • Atomic Heart is an impressive game with modern design choices inspired by Bioshock, featuring intricately crafted environments and interconnectivity of levels.
  • The game has excellent graphics, good combat mechanics, intense and creative boss designs and battles, and a gripping, dark story with a good narrative.
  • The game’s soundtrack is amazing and creates an intense atmosphere during combat.
  • The game performs solidly on PS5 with zero stutters, and it has exceeded all expectations and received positive reviews from critics.


  • The game can be quite challenging, which may not be suitable for casual gamers or those who prefer games with an easier difficulty level. The difficulty curve rises steadily, and some players may find it frustrating to progress through certain levels.

Does Atomic Heart have multiplayer or co-op modes?

No, it does not. Atomic Heart is a single-player game with no multiplayer or co-op modes. The focus is on the single-player experience, with an emphasis on exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving.

How long does it take to complete Atomic Heart?

The duration required to finish Atomic Heart is a fluid concept and may differ based on the player’s abilities, their inclination towards exploration, and the number of side quests they undertake. Typically, one can complete the game in approximately 15–20 hours, but those who aspire to attain perfection and leave no stone unturned may need to invest more time.

Where to buy Atomic Heart?

The game may be purchased from various online retailers, a Google search will unearth many sources. However, depending on your platform, I recommend the following:

What is the recommended age rating for Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart is rated M for Mature, which means it is intended for players aged 17 and up. The game contains violence, blood and gore, sexual content, strong language, and use of drugs.



Daniel Soresco