F1 23 Roars to Life: The Best Introduction to the Racing Realm

Daniel Soresco
4 min readAug 11, 2023


In the Wake of Last Year’s Whimpers

As the curtain rises on the automotive arena, the echoes of disappointment from F1 22 still resonate. A mixed bag of accolades, a racing simulator bedazzled in graphical grandeur, yet faltering on the road of legendary status. The conspicuous absence of the Braking Point story mode left aficionados yearning, while an eccentric diversion titled F1 Life turned the spotlight onto fashion and furnishings, rather than the pursuit of track prowess.

Formula 1 cars behind the safety car on a wet track in F1 23.

An Aesthetic Transformation

Steering our gaze towards the present, F1 23 emerges as a phoenix of promise, shedding the shackles of the past and carving a path to the hearts of the throngs. An alchemical refinement of the handling mechanics, the tactile communion with the tarmac, promises a drive that verges on the sublime. Modes, meticulously curated, beckon like sirens, coaxing you to plunge headlong into their depths, surrendering time as an offering to the gaming gods.

The Enthralling Braking Point

Embark upon an odyssey of 17 captivating chapters within the theatrical tapestry of Braking Point, a saga that ignites the senses and fuels adrenaline-soaked dreams. Yet, the saga does not conclude here — F1 23 unfurls a myriad of delights for the avid enthusiast. An expansive career mosaic stretches before you, intricately woven with the threads of online multiplayer escapades, Grand Prix symphonies, and the tantalizing dance of Time Trials.

One of the F1 23’s new circuits.

An Immersive Storyline That Works

A phoenix-like resurgence is bestowed upon ‘Braking Point,’ a crucible wherein the crucible of narrative alchemy transmutes the protagonists, Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler. In this chapter of their tumultuous fates, they find themselves as comrades-in-arms, etching their trails upon the asphalt under the banner of Konnersport Racing — an elusive entity born anew for F1 23. They work as a group of characters, and they work individually because each character is like a brushstroke upon the canvas of the storyline, crafting a tableau that draws you deeper into its enigmatic embrace.

The Layers Unveiled: An Orchestration of Drama

Like a virtuoso maestro conducting a symphony, the second season of Braking Point weaves layers of tension and intrigue, reminiscent of the captivating drama witnessed in Drive To Survive. Yet, let it be known, this is a sonata best savored once, a fleeting rhapsody that paints its essence indelibly upon the senses. F1 23 is the best invitation to buy PS5 games that have the power to transport you to a different world, as it is here in the Formula 1 universe.

A beautiful close-up of a Formula 1 car in F1 23.

Ascending the Tech Altar: F1 World Unveiled

Ascend the hallowed steps of F1 World, an arena where the fervent prayer is for an augmented Tech Level, a benediction conferred by your custom F1 steed. F1 World offers lots of sprints of races and challenges, each offering an exquisite bite-sized serving of thrill. Herein lies a sanctuary, a haven for the time-strapped devotee, seeking the communion of speed but constrained by the burdens of temporal existence. The labyrinthine tapestry of currencies and upgrades unfurls its secrets, inviting the intrepid to partake in a pas de deux with exhilaration.

F1 Tracks: Where Reality and Illusion Converge

Lay witness to the arcane arts that transmute reality into illusion, as Qatar’s Losail circuit materializes through a fusion of FOM’s computer-aided design and the spectral whispers of ArcGIS World Atlas. An intricate ballet of aerial imagery, height data, and photogrammetry summons forth an uncannily accurate rendition of this tarmac labyrinth, a testament to the artistry of digital conjuration.

At the board of Hamilton’s car in F1 23.

The Quality of Circuits in F1 23

The F1 circuits in F1 23 undergo a metamorphosis, both old (known from previous games of the series) and new, a testament to the ceaseless exploration for perfection. In my opinion, it is not difficult to see why so many players were looking to buy F1 23 even from the pre-sale period. Spain, a canvas of twists and turns, stands reborn, harmonizing its essence with the symphony of the final chicane’s evolution. Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Austria, and Azerbaijan bear the marks of the artisan’s touch, with kerb profiles sculpted into crescendos of challenge and peril.

The Verdict: The Best Racing Sim

In the shadow of bygone letdowns, F1 23 unfurls its wings, soaring into the realms of resplendence. Make the right decision and buy F1 23, undoubtedly the best Formula 1 simulation racing game and one of the best racing games in general. As the wheel meets the track, as narratives entwine with the roar of engines, a tapestry of unbridled passion and artistic prowess unveils itself. The verdict is resounding — F1 23 stands not only as a game but as an opus, a testament to the marriage of innovation and dedication that fuels the world of virtual motorsport.