What are the most popular game modes in MLB The Show 23?

Daniel Soresco
3 min readApr 4, 2023

MLB The Show 23 is probably the best-known baseball video game in the realm of online sports. A Sony flagship title, MLB The Show 23 features excellent gameplay and various game modes that suit players’ preferences. I will take a closer look at two very popular game modes, namely Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show — a screenshot with players celebrating a win.

Road to the Show: The American Dream

Road to the Show (RTTS) is a flagship single-player mode that lets players embark on a journey towards achieving the American Dream — becoming a professional baseball player in the Major League. The mode offers a high degree of customization, with players having the ability to create and personalize their own characters. The revamped Ballplayer menu allows players to customize their characters’ playstyle and signature moves.

In short, you may want to buy MLB The Show 23 if you want to play yourself in this baseball game. The journey to the Major League begins at the Minor League level, where players must compete against others and enhance their skills through training drills. The ultimate goal is to make it to the Big Show. This year’s release features a new Face Scan feature, allowing players to create a more accurate in-game likeness of themselves using their smartphones. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on iPhones at present.

Diamond Dynasty: Building Your Dream Team

DD offers several options to play against other players online, such as Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, and Events. One of the key features of DD is the ability to acquire new cards through the marketplace or by completing missions and challenges. Players can also buy packs of cards that contain random players with the use of stubs, the in-game currency.

In Diamond Dynasty, players have access to a variety of online gameplay options that add to the excitement of the mode. Ranked Seasons is one of the most popular options, where players compete against each other to climb the ranks and earn rewards. This competitive mode offers players the chance to showcase their skills and prove themselves as the best Diamond Dynasty player.

Another thrilling option is the Battle Royale mode, where players build a team through a draft and compete in a series of games. Each win takes you closer to a series of rewards, with the ultimate prize being a top-rated player card. The mode offers a unique twist to the Diamond Dynasty experience and is a favorite among players.

Events are another popular option in Diamond Dynasty, featuring limited-time challenges and unique rewards. If you want to build your baseball dream team, chances are you want to buy MLB The Show 23. Players can participate in a variety of events that cater to their preferences, whether it’s based on difficulty level or specific team requirements. Completing events can earn players rewards, such as playing cards or in-game currency.

Acquiring new player cards is a significant part of Diamond Dynasty. In addition to completing missions and challenges, players can buy packs of cards that contain random players. These packs are purchased with stubs, which are earned through gameplay or purchased with real-world money. The marketplace is another option for acquiring cards, where players can trade or sell cards with other players.


Both “Road to the Show” and “Diamond Dynasty” game modes are popular because allow a lot of customization. One allows the creation and customization of a player character, the other lets players create their own dream team, including current players and past legends. For players who are interested in buying MLB The Show 23 or other PS5 games, it’s possible to buy cheap PS5 games from various online retailers. Shopping around and comparing prices can help players save money while still enjoying their favorite games.